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Wreck on OUTOTZ VZ-P D5-4 2 G

3302-09-06 14:22Found a wreck on OUTOTZ VZ-P D5-4 2 G. Looked like the remains of a Scarab. I also found two escape pods – both intact, both „filled“ with occupants.I did not equip the DBS with cargo space, so I need to find out if I can transport the pods within the Scarab to the […]


Back in the void

After trucking for a while, I decided to pimp a DBE and get back to exploring. At the moment I am trying to reach the outer rim, but I stumbled over a large area where the navigation computer fails. Almost seems as if the area NGC 2264 is blocked by someone…   1 2 3


Right now I am trucking between Carey Hub and Boltzmann Gateway, earing some money to kit out a new explorer. I probably will have to visit an engineer too.

Imperial Eagle at Irkutsk (Alioth), Assets borrowed from Elite: Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc

Back in human space

Finally I am back in human space. After several months of exploration and a visit to the center of the galaxy, I arrived in Alliance space. The pilots federation gave me a new explorer rank: Pioneer. Now I need to take a break and then get used to some new tech – SRV vehicles and […]